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12 planners and checklists that are fundamental to growing an online empire (complete set of 12). 

Over 70 Pages of The EXACT Traffic Planners Made For Our Own Business

Get More Traffic Checklists & Planners

You must have traffic to start and stay in business. You may have the best products or offer amazing services, but if no one knows about them, then it doesn’t really matter how fantastic your stuff is.


Different Types of Traffic

In order to get the word out, you need traffic. Lots of it.

There are several different types of traffic:

Organic Traffic

This is traffic you get when someone searches for a keyword and clicks on your website. The traffic came to you simply because you had quality content that a search engine indexed.

Paid Traffic

This is typically traffic from advertisements like Google AdWords or Facebook Ads. Paid traffic can be very effective but it can also be costly if you don’t carefully track your results and adjust your ads when necessary.

Direct Traffic

This is traffic you receive when someone types in your URL or clicks on an old bookmark in their browser. When you see direct traffic, it typically means the user visited your site for a specific reason. For example, a visitor may have typed your URL in because they were looking for an old article written by you or wanted to double-check the stats you cited on your blog.

Referral Traffic

This is the result of another website referring their visitor to you. If you were a guest blogger on someone else’s site, they probably added a link back to your site. So, the user who clicks through to your site will show up as ‘referral traffic’ in your analytics or stats program.

Getting referral traffic can be great, especially if the site owner who linked to you is reputable and trusted by their visitors. As a result, these new visitors will be more likely to trust you and make a purchase.

Social Traffic

Some web traffic is the result of social media. It happens when a follower or fan clicks over to your website after following you on Instagram or liking your Facebook page.

One of the advantages of social traffic is that these users usually know and trust your brand already. That means they’re more engaged with your content and likely to sign up for your mailing list or buy your products.


Improving Your Current Traffic

Now that you understand how to get traffic to your website, it’s time to look at ways you can improve that traffic.

That's where these Checklists and Planners come in.

With this bundle we provide the instruction and templates you need to increase your traffic to grow your business.



Here's What You Get:

11 page Getting Started Guide To Getting More Traffic at

Getting Started Guide to Driving More Traffic - 11 pages

Boggling Checklist and Planner at


Blogging Checklist - 3 pages of tips and ideas to attract more traffic to your blog and website

Blogging Planner - 3 pages of prompts to plan out your blog strategy

email marketing checklist and planner at

Email Marketing Checklist - 3 pages of insider ideas on email techniques to boost sales and traffic to your site.

Email Marketing Planner - 3 pages to plans out headlines and email content to engage your subscribers and encourage interaction so you can ultimately drive more traffic.

Facebook Ads Checklist & Speadsheet at

Facebook Ads Checklist - 3 pages of ideas and tip for creating effective and engaging ads.

Facebook Ads Spreadsheet to keep track of your ad spend and outcomes

Facebook Live Checklist and Planner at

Facebook Live Checklist - 4 pages of recommendations for before, during, and after your Facebook Live session.

Facebook Live Planner - 3 pages of prompts to plan out your Live session

Google Adwords Checklist & Spreadsheet at

Google Adwords Checklist - 3 pages of best practices for running a Google Adword campaign

Google Adword Spreadsheet - to keep track of your ad campaigns

Linkedin Checklist and Planner at

LinkedIn Checklist - 3 pages detailing how you can boost your traffic by sharing content to LinkedIn

LinkedIn Planner - 3 pages for you to plan out your strategy

Pinterest Checklist and Planner at

Pinterest Checklist - 3 pages of tips to create beautiful posts and boost your page views

Pinterest Planner - 2 pages showing how to get free images and determine your Pinterest plan

SEO Checklist and Spreadsheet Tracker at www.

SEO Planner - 3 pages of tips and resources for increasing your traffic with Search Engine Optimization

SEO Spreadsheet - to track your efforts and results

Twitter Checklist and Planner at www.

Twitter Checklist - 3 pages with tips on great tweets and twitter advertising to promote your traffic

Twitter Planner - 3 pages to plan out your twitter purpose and strategy

Video Marketing Checklist and Planner at www.

Video Marketing Checklist - 3 page checklist on what to include in your videos and how to keep them entertaining

Video Marketing Planner - 3 pages of planning awesome videos, from intriguing topics to irresistible calls to action

YouTube Live Checklist and Planner at www.

YouTube Live Checklist - 3 pages of ideas to drive traffic with YouTube Live

YouTube Live Planner - 3 pages to plan out your next YouTube Live


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