Every moment of everyday people are paying attention to what you are doing.

Life is just a game.  Everyone is watching everyone else to learn the right way to play.

Guess what. There is no RIGHT.  There is only REAL.


The way you choose to behave and be in this world affects what you will create for yourself and this world tomorrow.  And those choices, whether you know it or not, influence other people.

How you show up in the world matters. When you act from your inspired heart, doing something that matters to you, it naturally inspires others to do what inspires them.


Vision, passion, determination, drive, fulfillment, courage and pure energy are all powerfully contagious.

But. So. Is. Settling.


If you decide to maintain the status quo, to live a purposeless existence, to carelessly drift through life… If you feel you must ‘put up with’ and stay frustrated, unhappy and stuck… If you know this is your situation and DO NOTHING about it- that’s setting an example too.


Whether you choose to see it yet or not, YOU ARE A LEADER – setting a powerful example for those around you.

Your every choice shows others how to act.  Or how not to.


We believe what we see

Too many of us fail to see the greatness within ourselves. But we can resonate with it when we see it in another. When we are inspired by another it is because something inside us is vibrating with recognition of the possibilities within ourselves.


You are either setting an example of what’s possible or you are just another example of ‘meh’.

Remember this timeless principle. You are always influencing others by your actions (or lack of action).


You are NOT able to hide.  You are NOT fooling anyone.  We ALL SEE ONE ANOTHER. So you may as well be who you really are.


You do not have to start a massive movement or make international headlines…

Just. Live. Life. AUTHENTICALLY.


BE. Real. Spread kindness and compassion. It will automatically inspire the person you are helping to feel kindness and compassion for others.  And here’s why it’s so contagious – it does the same for anyone else who happens to be watching.

…And the feelings you inspire will impact how THEY act – how they choose to show up in this world. And so on. See how your spark, your leadership, creates a movement? It starts with a tiny drop.


A drop. Ripples. Spreads in every direction.

It starts so small and seemingly insignificant – with the minor life decisions we make all the time.

When you live from your truth, working towards whatever you care about, not only does it begin to build for you the life you want to lead– it gives that same permission for others to do it too.

People watch what you DO.

They’re not listening to what you SAY.

Be someone worth emulating. 


Stop LETTING things happen.  Start MAKING them happen.

Live by choice, not by chance.  Make changes, not excuses.  Be motivated, not managed.  Work for personal excellence, not social status. Listen to your inner calling, not the voices of doubt. LIVE while you still have the chance. Inspire, enliven, empower and uplift.

Start today by taking some small action and then continue tomorrow to act in a way that’s consistent with that identity. This is CREATED power.

Be your own personal example of what’s possible – however small those actions might be on a day-to-day basis, they add up.  Offering something amazing to the world is not just about how great you feel doing it, it is about what happens to OTHERS when you do.

Drop. Start a RIPPLE.


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