Honesty is the first chapter in the book of wisdom.

~ Thomas Jefferson


“The mass of men lead lives of quiet desperation.  What is called resignation is confirmed desperation. …A stereotyped but unconscious despair is concealed even under what are called the games and amusements of mankind.”

~ From Thoreau’s Walden



Let’s talk a little about integrity.


Integrity is defined as the quality of being honest
and the state of being whole and undivided


Think about this for a moment and ask yourself… If you are honest are you being whole and UNDIVIDED in your life?

You are a natural born leader.  You feel like you actually have a CALLING in this life and it is your God-given duty to get out there and share your vision.


If you are not doing that… if you are not actively pursuing your purpose, expressing your gifts, talents, abilities, and offering it all to the world…



Then you are living DIVIDED against your own personal sense of destiny…
IF you are even ‘living’ at all



You know exactly what I am talking about.  Be honest.  Because that creative energy that you are putting on the back burner or totally suppressing will begin to manifest as emptiness, then anger or depression, or worse, disease.


Is rising up to your destiny really so scary?

Instead, you go on with a life filled with distractions… ‘mostly satisfied’

but always feeling that sense something is missing.

When we are living “out of integrity”, this will show up in our lives as discord and disharmony.



Just as physical pain is your body’s signal to
Emotional pain is your gauge of how things are going for you in life



Examine how you feel.  It’s an invitation to look at the areas in your life where you can show up MORE.


We all know the box we are supposed to fit into in life.  We are taught that if we just follow the formula like everyone else we will end up happy.  But look around. 

Truth is… most people are just going through the motions.  They gave up long ago and accepted ‘reality’.

  How many people do you know who are actually happy? 
How many are living a TRANSFORMATIONAL life?


We were conditioned with beliefs handed down to us.  We have followed a set path in our personal and business lives.  Doing what we are SUPPOSED to do.

Go to college… marry for love or security… have children… get the paycheck… get the house… get the ‘stuff’… save for retirement… work most of our lives for usually just enough to get by… then we’ll have the last few years of our lives to enjoy (if our health and minds remain!).

This has been the ‘American Dream’ of an ideal life.


While I totally believe you can live in integrity while having a 9-5 and live a full and happy life, what I’m getting at is if you are not actively expressing your calling into the world, you are not living YOUR TRUTH.

Inside you have a gift to offer the world.  You want to do great things with your life and for humanity. At some point, and maybe that is right now, you must be willing to face your fears and sit down with your innermost feelings…those dark corners of your mind and soul.


Don’t examine what you WISH was there
or what COULD BE there if you only…
worked harder…
said nothing…
or WHATEVER you pin hope on…
Just accept the truth of your life AS IT IS



For it is here where your truth, your integrity… your wholeness emerges. This is information, knowledge, wisdom, expansion, GROWTH. This is listening to YOU. You will know if you’re listening by asking one simple question… “Am I happy NOW?”… and hearing the answer.


So THINK; are you acting out of alignment? Are you living a divided half-life?

You have a precious life to live. 

A message to get out to the world. 

A revolution to lead!


And if you discover you have been suppressing your light or trying to live life in ‘the box’, it’s okay.  We ALL have - you’re in GOOD company.  Just be aware of your true feelings NOW and be kind to yourself.  And then you have some decisions to make.  As long as you are alive you can still course correct and come back to center.



You get back into integrity in your life by doing things that are good for you and others.

You know what you are doing is right because it feels AMAZING.

If becomes EASY to identify things you want to stay committed to & follow through on.

It becomes EASY to TAKE ACTION and impact this world.

Life becomes deeply FULFILLING instead of conflicted

because you are filled with GIVING & RECEIVING

from the TRUTH of who you are

who you want to be

and what you want to STAND FOR in this life.


Creating & Receiving VALUE …this is the balance necessary for living a life of integrity. A life of MEANING.



“I learned this, at least, by my experiment; that if one advances confidently in the direction of his dreams, and endeavors to live the life which he has imagined, he will meet with a success unexpected in common hours.”
~ from Thoreau’s Walden


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