Four Kids, Two Jobs, and Still Struggling

Why would I go to all the trouble to create this site, business concept, member community, certifications, business building programs, and all of the ready made turn-key products which took me years of my life to create?

Because there was no one out there that was offering the kind of products and information I NEEDED for my own coaching and training business.

Once Upon a Time

A Lifetime Ago In 2006
In 2006 I was a mother of four (Alex, Nick, Sophia, and Max) working nights at a Denver hospital and trying to start my own business during the day.  My friend and I had started a Wellness Center and I worked part-time seeing clients using the coaching, hypnosis and NLP skills I was certified in.
The practice was doing well but I was working four nights a week at the hospital then 3-4 days a week conducting client sessions at the center.

Working 70-80 hours per week, with two babies under three, two young teenagers, and two jobs…   

I was just surviving;  which is what most of us end up doing.

I had always known what my passion was – I wanted to help women free themselves and transform their lives.  
So I began, after a couple of years of this insane schedule, to try and find a system of doing business that would be successful enough, quickly enough for me to leave my night job. 

I wanted financial security and freedom to enjoy my life. 

Sound like something you want, too?

I got serious; researched everywhere to see all the pre-made, ready to go, quality counseling products that I could just convert to use in my business. There were a few pre-made workshops that I could buy for thousands of dollars, some outdated books, a weight loss coaching franchise that was around $8,000 and intense credit scrutiny to join, and tons of amateur CD hypnosis sessions that I could copy and sell in my business (with the author’s business information on it)…
It was shocking to find out there was nothing really designed to help complementary counselors and coaches. 

I would have to create ALL my session formats, business systems, client forms, marketing materials, follow up systems… everything myself.

Now, I am not complaining – everyone who starts a private practice has to create their business from scratch, but come on... Were there no leaders or mentors who could show me the way (for a reasonable fee mind you... I had four young children, remember!)?

Were there no products I could buy and just convert to use in my business immediately?


Then I knew, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that this was the ‘need’ I wanted to fill I would create programs and systems for counselors, coaches, fitness, wellness, and other transformation leaders (very often women) that they could take and use immediately to grow their credibility and authority in their own business.

A business that would set them free - from financial dependence or uncertainty and from time slavery in a job.


And, I would make sure it was available, not for thousands of dollars, but for a fair and reasonable price so that everyone could immediately afford to grow a private practice that provided them with executive income (and personal freedom!) in a fraction of the time it would take to do it all themselves.


YOU are the person I created

ALL these systems for!


Welcome to People of the Mind! You now have, right here at, a ton of done-for-you options and support so you can grow a successful business quickly to set yourself (and your family) free.

If you want to become certified as a coach then visit our training site:

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Finally, you are no longer alone.



I invite you to join me in Awakening Extraordinary - in yourself, your business, and in those that YOU are going to transform along the way.

   Kimberly Viera





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