Less than 5% of people ever consciously examine their personal philosophy (their collection of thoughts, beliefs, and assumptions about the world and how they react as a result).

In fact, they don’t even know they have one.

For most people, their personal philosophy remains totally unconscious. Because they are unconscious, they do not understand their profound POWER in this world. They never know they can choose how to think about and react to things and get everything they ever wanted because of their conscious choices.

Instead… sleepwalking… they live typical, unexamined lives.

People of the mind consciously choose.

You can look at the results in your life now and get a glimpse of the kind of unconscious attitudes you have as your personal philosophy.

Your life and everything in it is the direct result of your core philosophy. Do you:

  • Do the work you think you should?
  • Have the relationship you think you deserve?
  • Enjoy the health or body you envision?
  • Have the finances or lifestyle you should?

The answer to all…. is YES.

In every way you find your life limiting, off track, or wrong… if you are honest… you have beliefs that have limited your results.

Beliefs about your career prospects or capabilities.

Beliefs about the kind of relationship you deserve.

Beliefs about your health and body.

Beliefs about money or what’s possible for you.


Like great beliefs, limiting thoughts and beliefs are a catalyst for self-perpetuating cycles. What you think directly impacts how you feel and determines how you behave.

If you think you are incapable, you’ll feel like you can’t do it, act like you can’t do it (probably won’t even TRY), which confirms your belief that you are completely incapable.

On and on. Repeat.


Consider for a moment that it might not be your lack of talent, resources, time, or other people that are holding you back from whatever you want in life. Instead, it might be your beliefs that keep you from your ultimate dreams.

Guess what? You can choose right now to change your limiting beliefs.

A successful life is only possible for those who have a successful personal philosophy.

So, start working on yours.


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