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You know what’s really great? Receiving a nice card for the holidays.

But they’re such a pain to write.

And now, in the digital world, everyone is into fancy infographic cards that can be sent via email or social media.

In fact, social media is the best way to share them.


It saves time and trouble searching for your own infographic when you can simply forward an image along to your own friends, like a gift that keeps on giving.

And then it goes VIRAL!

What’s even better than that for holiday cheer?

What if you were the one who designed the card, and your logo or brand was firmly set into the picture?

What if your business could actually profit from spreading that holiday happiness?

Now it can...


My team has collected the best images, and scoured the Internet for inspiring quotes, done research on what gets shared, and packed 100 of them into this bundle, just for you.

Original, inspiring, photos, guaranteed to bring a little holiday cheer to everyone on your mailing list and social platforms.



Being able to go through these quotes in text form, and see who said what is going to be a big help in a lot of ways.

That's why you'll also receive all 100 of the quotes in a neat and organized spreadsheet file that you can easily open up and navigate to that quote.

This will allow you to post these elsewhere in text form (like Twitter), or do tons of other things with them.

Every quote in the posters is included in this detailed spreadsheet.  

You can use this in any way that you'd like.


This Is An Easy Way To Generate Traffic!


Step 1: Choose One of The Images


There are 100 images to choose from, and they cover all sorts of quotes, sayings, and even statistics related to the main topic.  
 Meaning you should have no trouble finding more than a few "social posters" to fit your audience.



Step 2: Add Your Name / Website / URL / Etc.

Whether you have Adobe Photoshop (Paid) or GIMP (Free).

You can easily add your name, website title, brand logo, or URL to any of these quote images.  Heck, you can even use an online image editor if you'd like to do it that way. Or you can skip it!




Step 3: Post It On Any Site Or Anywhere You Want

This is perhaps the easiest step of the process.  

All you have to do is venture out to one of the many websites populated by people that will share your image.  Simply post your quote image, add some relevant tags, add a link to your site, and enjoy.








  • Q: What file formats are included?

You will receive PNG files for the actual social post images themselves.  Additionally, you'll receive the PSD Photoshop source files for each of the social posts as well, so that you can easily edit them.

  • Q: Can I edit or change these posters?

Yes, you are permitted to modify these images in any way you see fit, whether by using the PSD files or not.

  • Q: Where can I post these images?

There's really no limit to where you can post them, examples are Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest.

  • Q: Are the photos used royalty-free?

Yes, the images used in this entire package for the backgrounds or any icons, are indeed royalty-free or fully compensated for.  Guaranteed!





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