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  • I am here to make you THE authority in your niche with Done-For-You Programs and Content for your Coaching, Counseling, or Wellness business.
  • 20 years+ experience in the medical and holistic wellness fields - I've run an online business since 2003.
  • Certified in Clinical Hypnosis, NLP, and as a Business Coach, I've had my own hypnosis, then coaching practice and training school for years. I KNOW these topics.
  • Now, I am taking all my years of knowledge, packaging these concepts into programs that you can use to INSTANTLY build your business.  

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Sleep Technologist
I was in the sleep medicine field running sleep studies in the hospital as a Registered Polysomnographic Technologist for about 15 years. Want to know more about being a Sleep Tech? Click the picture.
sleep tech
Started Wellness Center
Certified as a Hypnotherapist, NLP Practitioner, and a Coach, I co-founded VAST Wellness Center in Aurora, Colorado with my dear friend Daniel around 2003. It can be found by clicking the logo if you are interested.
vast wellness center co-founder
1993, 1995, 2004, 2006
My Four Inspiring Children
During the time of working nights at the hospital and founding VAST, I was also raising amazing children with my husband Eric. Even though our children are in college or grown and gone from home now… they are the reason we got out and worked so hard. I know you know. Probably why you do it, too.
Kimberly Viera's Children
Got a Patent
In late 2006, filed for a patent on a Lucid Dreaming Training Device that my business partner and I were working on. We finally had the patent granted June 1, 2010 (Patent # 7,727,139). If you are interested in more about this click the image.
Patent for a lucid dream device
Founded Institute of Mind Sciences
In 2007 I founded Institute of Mind Sciences, a vocational school that trained people onsite and online as Clinical Hypnotherapists, Neuro-Linguistic Programming Practitioners, and Life & Business Coaches as well as how to build a thriving business.
In 2020, Colorado removed their "unlicensed psychotherapist" registry (under which hypnotherapists had previously registered) and stated that going forward, anybody practicing psychotherapy would need to be a classically licensed and registered mental health professional. This pivot caused us to specialize in Coaching exclusively Visit the Institute of Mind Sciences by clicking the logo.
My Epic Lucid Dream Course
As a side thing to mention… If you are into dreams and learning how to control them, I created a 21 video course – totally intense – that will teach you everything you ever wanted to know about dreams. The last 1/3 of the class teaches you how to LUCID dream (become awake INSIDE the dream). Learn more about it by clicking the Dream Lab logo.
Dream Lab 21 Video Dream and Lucid Dream Course
August 2016
Founded People of the Mind
My mission is to free women - specifically from income dependency or uncertainty, and from time slavery in a job.
I do that by helping them start an online coaching or wellness business. So they can:
1.     Make a great living 
2.     Be in control of their schedule so they can be there for their family and enjoy their lives.

And then they can go out in the world and inspire others to do the same. 
People of the Mind is a product of that mission.
Ready to start, launch, or grow your coaching, health or wellness business? I walk you through each step of the way so you will be wildly sucessful FASTER.  Check out our self-paced coaching programs and JOIN The Eveolution!

I have trained men and women to become coaches, hypnotherapists, and NLP practitioners since 2007. I have been building my online business, coaching other professionals to do the same, since that time as well. Now it is your turn.

These sites were made to unite and encourage all ‘People of the Mind’
  • ANYONE who is called to give something amazing to the world by starting an online coaching, counseling, or authority business
  • The EXTRAORDINARY FEW who want to make an exceptional online living
  • & want to do it in an honorable, noble, and inspiring way
Anything is possible. I know that is FACT.
Step up and claim it. Start NOW
Just Stand Up And Decide to Be A Leader. That’s All It Takes.


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