37 Social Marketing & Health Infographics Vol 2

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This is another collection of 37 stunning, ready-to-go infographics about social marketing & health that you can rebrand and begin using immediately in your own business... and they are editable with PowerPoint!

You're going to get 37 done-for you (and editable) infographics (most with a social marketing theme, some about health) in this collection. They can be used in your own social media, on your website or blog, or any way you can think of for your projects.

This is volume 2. All these social marketing and health infographics come with the source files. You can edit them to your very own needs.

They come in PSD, JPG, and PowerPoint formats!

Please Note: You must have PhotoShop or PowerPoint (or equivalent) to edit these files or you can just use them 'as is' by adding your logo!

37 Health Infographics you can edit on PowerPoint at www.ShoppeopleoftheMind.com

Within this package you will find the following 37 Ready-to-Go infographics:


  1. 10Kblueprint
  2. 10kblueprint 2
  3. 10kblueprint 3
  4. 10kblueprint 4
  5. Modern Affiliate Marketing
  6. Modern Affiliate Marketing 2
  7. Modern Affiliate Marketing 3
  8. Modern Affiliate Marketing 4
  9. Modern Email Marketing
  10. Modern Email Marketing 2
  11. Modern Email Marketing 3
  12. Modern Email Marketing 4
  13. Modern Facebook Marketing
  14. Modern Facebook Marketing 2
  15. Modern Facebook Marketing 3
  16. Modern Facebook Marketing 4
  17. Modern Social Media Marketing
  18. Modern Social Media Marketing 2
  19. Modern Social Media Marketing 3
  20. Modern Social Media Marketing 4
  21. Modern Video Marketing
  22. Modern Video Marketing 2
  23. Modern Video Marketing 3
  24. Modern Video Marketing 4
  25. Overcome Dysfunction
  26. Reprogram Your Mind For Success
  27. Reprogram Your Mind For Success 2
  28. Reprogram Your Mind For Success 3
  29. Reprogram Your Mind For Success 4
  30. Rising From The Ashes
  31. Rising From The Ashes 2
  32. Rising From The Ashes 3
  33. Rising From The Ashes 4
  34. The Benefits Of Reiki
  35. The Foolproof Diet
  36. Wholesome Life Choices
  37. Work-Life Balance


This package has everything you need to educate your tribe on these topics. You don't need to be a PhotoShop expert, they can be completely edited with PowerPoint! What are you waiting for? They are just $1 each!




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