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Looking For Excellent Hypnotic Audios To Use In Your Business?


These Are Some Of The Most Intriguing I Have Heard... And I'm A Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist!



Perfect for a Hypnotherapist, Massage Therapist, Relaxation or Stress Therapist, an open-minded Counselor, someone who sells Mind Enhancement Technology or Self Improvement Products, and Anyone Else Who Appreciates a Mental Vacation 




Hypnosis is a naturally occurring state of mind which can be defined as a heightened state of focused concentration (aka 'trance').

It is totally natural and everyone has experienced the state before (like when you are reading a good book and don't notice someone calling your name, or driving home without really knowing how you got there).


This set of eight Mp3's is awesome.  They are all narrated by the same deep male voice.

Produced by a professional hypnosis team, they are unlike your basic 'generic' hypnosis recordings.

Even though these cover common issues, these are unique hypnotherapeutic 'adventures'. 


Here Is What You'll Get In This Collection



  • Total Relaxation is a 17-minute long journey which expands your perception of your place in life through the ancient Greek belief of being restored and cleansed by the sea.




  • Dream Beyond is a 16-minute hypnotic journey which takes you by sea on a trip with Odysseus to rediscover your own dreams. 





  • Deeply Confident is a 17-minute guided journey with the Native Americans and Spirit Guides to find your vision on the great plains.





  • Easily Quit takes place in a clean, fresh forest. It is a 16 1/2 minute adventure.  Rediscover your child self born to breathe deeply.




  • Find Your True Love is a 14-minute connection to the ancient beings that help us create the life of our deepest dreams, a paradise by the sea.





  • Infinite wealth is a 15-minute adventure within the magical kingdom of Camelot to draw prosperity into your life.




  • Accelerated Learning is a 15-minute journey where we are all children of the stars exploring the furthest reaches of the universe.




  • Ideal Weight is 18 1/2 minute guided adventure that talks about your ideal form embracing you in gentle sea waves, purifying you of the past.


What You Can Do With These:

You can use them as they are for yourself or with clients, put your name on them to gain authority, add these to other programs you sell, totally rebrand them, change the cover, sell them individually... whatever.

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