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Earn Your Audience's Attention by Informing, Entertaining and Inspiring Them to Take Action with Infographics


Let's face it. People don't have the time or the desire to read a ton of information. We want to know stuff NOW and in the easiest way possible.

That's where infographics come in.

Infographics catch people's eye. They present data in a visually engaging way. They make complicated information easy. They reduce lots of info down to easy, bite-sized pieces. They can show a process, explain how something works, make people laugh, and so much more.


Infographics help people understand things easier.


You want to give people cool infographics (with your awesome brand on it, of course)... But how do you actually do it?


Get this Infographics Planner to start making your own visually engaging and sharable infographics immediately.


Infographics Planner at

The first step, covered inside this 17-page planner, to creating an effective infographic is to choose the purpose of the infographic.


Each infographic you create will have its own purpose such as:  

  • Solve a problem 
  • Offer a new perspective
  • Challenge a popular opinion
  • Share the results of a survey
  • Raise awareness
  • Simplify complex information or a complicated concept
  • Help consumers make informed decisions
  • Illustrate how something works
  • Share a timeline of important information or facts
  • Compare information
  • Share information about your company (such as a timeline)


Then we cover:

  • How to select your topic
  • How to research accurate and clear information
  • How to summarize and condense your information
  • The four main components you need
  • Different ways to create your stunning infographic
  • And then you will work out your design in the planner

Wait, There's More...

10 infographics editable in powerpoint and an infographics planner at

We are including professionally designed Infographic templates for you to get started immediately. Each includes varying graphic elements and designs that you can customize.

The amazing part is they come in PowerPoint and a PSD version so you can easily edit these if you don't have PhotoShop.

Infographics Planner and 10 powerpoint editable infographic templates at


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