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What People of the Mind Stand For

Do you resonate with our call? Click to read the People's Manifesto Click to read What We Stand For Click to read What We Live For Click to read What We Give Our...

The Ruby Ring

The Ruby Ring

What is freedom and what does it really mean?  If freedom is the right to act, speak, or think as you really want without ‘hindrance or restraint’; if it means...

Why I Created People of the Mind

Why would I go to all the trouble to create this site, business concept, member community, training programs, and all of the ready made turn-key products which took me years of my life to create?

What My Dog Taught Me About Glass Ceilings

  This is my amazing dog, Charlie. He is the kind of dog everybody wishes for.  He sits next to me as I write, he greets me when I come...

Why You Need A Creed

Why You Need A Creed

Less than 5% of people ever consciously examine their personal philosophy (their collection of thoughts, beliefs, and assumptions about the world and how they react as a result). In fact,...



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