“Alas for those that never sing, 
But die with all their music in them.”
~ Oliver Wendell Holmes


Let me tell you a powerful and ancient story- the Greek myth of Castor and Pollux.

Zeus, desiring Leda the Queen of Sparta, turned himself into a swan and somehow they made passionate love.  You’ll have to use your imagination but just know she conceived twin sons.

The problem was Leda had a husband, Tyndareus, who she also joyfully made love to all the time… probably before she left that morning. And while some say Zeus was the father of her son Pollux and her mortal husband was the father of her son Castor… truth is you can never really be sure in a situation like that.

What matters is that these twin brothers were inseparable.  They loved each other deeply and did everything together- side by side.  Their lives were totally unified.

But then they became separated.  Depending on what version you read, the end result is Castor got killed.  It turns out he was mortal so he went to Hades where the dead reside.  Pollux, immortal and divine, was devastated by grief at the loss of his brother- his other half.

Pollux was left so bereft without him – feeling separated, fragmented, and miserable – that he asked Zeus if he could share his immortality with Castor, or give it up entirely and join him in the underworld so they could be together.


Taking pity on his son Pollux and moved by the devotion of the brothers, Zeus placed them together forever in the heavens, side by side, as part of the constellation Gemini- the twins- where they remain together to this day.


All of us lead twin lives 

One that is mortal, the other divine


Our ‘mortal’ life is the one we are actively living day to day.

Our ‘divine’ one is the life we feel we should have had or may even still yet have.


It’s the life we were ‘meant’ to lead


Once, those two lives were totally unified for us– when both the possibility and reality of what life could be for us was still in our ‘future’. But at some point, a part of us ‘died’.  We lost our closeness with the divine life – our Pollux- and instead began to accept the ‘reality’ of living among others in Hell.


But, here’s the trick:

Our Divine Life is IMMORTAL

It won’t go away

It does not die


As hard as we try to accept our lives, exist in the moment, be totally satisfied that we have it ‘mostly right’… that  divine, unlived life is immortal; rotating on the outskirts of our gravitational field, a never ending presence we can catch a glimpse of out of the corner of our eye if we’re quick.


We feel the pull of this unlived divine life in the back of our minds all the time:


It speaks to us in never-ending whispers of  woulda-coulda-shoulda

It makes us wonder ‘Is this it?’ or hope for something… anything… new

The divine life is in those bitter-sweet longings and regrets

The unaccountable sadness or grief that comes from nowhere

The sense of something you were so sure you were supposed to do in this life…


That’s just your Pollux.  You feel separated, fragmented, and miserable because you are not unified with your divine life.  When you truthfully examine what is missing for you, this unlived divine life of yours can become the fuel that propels you beyond your current limitations.


You see, they are meant to go together.

By exploring your personal unlived life you can rise above fears, regrets, or disappointments to expand your vision of what’s possible for your life. 

You can embrace the full measure of your being. 


Your divine life IS your life’s calling. 

It is your most profound unlived potential, and bringing it to fruition is the worthy purpose of your life.  If you were in alignment with it now… if your personal Castor and Pollux were together… your life would be filled with profound MEANING and you would know you were living the exact life you were meant to be living.


I am sorry to be the one to tell you this Castor,

but part of you died a long time ago

and you’ve been living a half-life in the underworld. 

I’ve made this journey down here to find you and bring you back to life.

No judgment.  It’s just time to come back.


You are living a MORTAL life.   Polite and civilized, always putting others before yourself, following a whole list of ‘dos and don’ts’ & culturally determined virtues. And, overall you are truly happy with the life you lead.  Except you got that voice in your head which keeps telling you something is missing.  We are taught we can’t have it all, that we must choose and that the choice is either/or.

Still, you are called to live your DIVINE life.  It will not go away.  You’re called to be whole – embrace your higher-self and express your divine gifts to others.  It is a duty to fulfill your destiny.


So here’s a SECRET I have learned:


Be a DIVINE Being

Living a MORTAL Life


You need both sides. We are told it is selfish to reach for more. That more is somehow TAKING FROM someone else. That we should ‘accept’ our portion and be thankful.  Even when our belly rumbles with hunger for more.

That HUNGER is a gift.

What could be more wholesome that expressing real natural happiness, wholeness, and fulfillment as a human being?  Is it not the greatest blessing anyone can live and model?  Doesn’t it serve as a powerful inspiration for everyone who knows you to do the very same thing in their lives when they see directly from your example what is possible and all the bountiful fruits that issue forth from this way of being?


When you are in alignment

YOU are naturally multiplying and creating

ABUNDANCE FOR everyone else


How remarkable, inspiring and empowering to be the living example of one who has come to know, value and bring into full creative self-expression who they truly are.

But there will be others who never sing at all.




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